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    panel geometry

    geppettol66959005 Level 3

      Good evening

      now I'm really tired of modifying my scripts every time adobe launches a new version of photoshop


      Today I installed photoshop cc2018 and I find myself a good part of my panels

      unusable or out of geometry


      there is a way that the panels that I create remain the same on all future versions of photoshop


      This is an example



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          Kukurykus Adobe Community Professional

          Sorry for off topic but recently that was first time I reported bug as I found I'm unable to use newest Photoshop the way I did in CS6. There isn't enough room to display this document => bug ! . You may try to report this on ps family website, link to you find somewhere in that theard. What isn't good I guess scripting bugs are last they try to do something with

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            geppettol66959005 Level 3


            adobe is using a policy that I do not really like

            every version of photoshop changes something without taking third-party developers into account


            I find this really unjust


            sorry for the outburst

            but it is necessary.

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              Kukurykus Adobe Community Professional

              What's bad there are some topics where plenty of users complain for something that was changed for worse or completely taken away, and although topics are refreshed for years any of staff employe even once does not say anything what is their attitude for the problem, or simply say why something was done like this or anything to explain way of their council doings. Sometimes I can't see that's even clearly said: We won't give it back because NO, don't ask why, as answer can be obvious, marketing is what we care the most Probably when you don't see answers it's because staff is disallowed to give them.