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    Draggers without losing previous drag position (tip from Dave's March tips and tricks)

    alank99101739 Level 4

      I could not find the old question that came up in the forums to add this to, but oksamurai just released the March tips and tricks video on YouTube which has some nice tips in it.  A previous question I cannot find now (sorry!) was how to record a new drag and know where things were placed before. As soon as you arm the dragger, the old drag settings disappear. E.g. the hands go back to default position. At about 20 mins in, Dave describes adding additional dragger behaviours to a puppet.


      You can then record the default hand positions and extend that out to the full scene, and then disarm. You can see the value. You can then arm another dragger and record that. You will then see the perfect starting point from the other dragger behavior!


      Easier to see the video, but a really nice tip! Thanks Dave!