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    Webhelp breaking in Firefox

      I have just finished a Webhelp project using Robohelp 7, but when opened in Firefox (version, I can force it to break by opening and closing the TOC navigation pane (clicking the X icon). Eventually the Contents, Index and Search tabs appear in the navigation pane and Webhelp becomes unusable.
      Is this a known limitaion and if not does anybody know a fix for this?
      Any help would be much appreciated.
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          HKabaker Level 2
          Stop clicking back and forth between the buttons and the X icon.

          OK, that's a half-joke.

          If you haven't installed the 7.0.01 upgrade, you should do so.

          Another step that might help is to generate for Internet rather than local/intranet deployment. If the TOC, index, search and/or glossary files are big, RH breaks them into more (smaller) chunks for Internet placement. My hunch is the browser gets confused when you click while it's opening a bigger chunk.

          This leads me to another, more serious recommendation: Wait for the nav pane to finish loading before closing it or moving between components.


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            Linux Rules Level 2
            Hello bbjohnny -

            Yup, it's broke.

            My RH7 is fully patched and FF is the latest

            Also tried Seamonkey (used to be Mozilla) 1.0.7 and it's REALLY broken in there!!

            I don't have Opera on this workstation but I'll try it next week on a different workstation.

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              HKabaker Level 2
              OK, I concede. It does break.

              Here's a remedy until Adobe finds the bug:

              Click Esc once, the very first time you open WebHelp in Ffx, but wait until the TOC finishes loading.

              Maybe you can make it break again, but it seemed ok to me. I prefer tabbed browsing, but don't know if it's different without tabs. It should last until you quit and relaunch Ffx.

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                bbjohnny Level 1
                Tried hitting Esc and it seemed to be ok after that.

                Thanks for the help, hopefully Adobe will sort it out eventually.