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    Mockup with 3D Perspective (Script Automated)


      Looking for help in a way to automated our work flow using Script.
      We create product Mock-Ups using a canvas mockup file we created to add the perspective of on a wall angle.

      All the files are the same Aspect Ratio.

      So currently we use  Smart Object to bring file in the center of mockup Mirror.


      Then we use an action to provide the mirror then we save the Mirror Mockup which converts it to our Mockup Template on the Wall.


      We are trying to do this for over 4000 images so we are looking for a way to speed up the process with a script so we can just select files & have output of the 3D canvas. 




      jsdf.jpg  -1_psb___25___1__RGB_8_.jpgLayer_11_2_110_psb___25___1__RGB_8_.jpg