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    Replacing non-ascii characters in String

    BuckLemke Level 1
      I have a site where the user enters data in a rich text editor (ktml4) that gets stored into a database (mysql). There are non ascii characters getting into the data, I'm assuming that they are copying and pasting from Word. Unfortunately in this situation, changing that process isn't an option.

      Currently, this is the only character that is causing me problems: http://www.zvon.org/other/charSearch/PHP/search.php?request=ffa0&searchType=3

      I would just like to replace the non-ascii characters with a space when I read them from the database. Something like:

      #Replace(result.column, '\xffa0', ' ')#

      However, I believe that code looks for the string "\xffa0", not the character \xffa0.

      Is there anyway to do this?