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    AE not utilizing drive speed

    RogsCra Level 1

      For a previous thread about this go here: After Effects saving takes 5 minutes or more


      I have several new revelations, and have the reason why it is taking so long, but I still don't know how to fix it.


      Problem: AE takes forever to boot up, it takes like 2 minutes at least to load all my clips (approximately 5gb total 1000 clips). Also when saving, AE stops responding for a solid 3-5 minutes before it instantly saves and resumes. I think this all has to do with AE not using my drives speed. External, internal, and SSD all operate similarly and take forever. Also, resource monitor does not show anything getting maxed, or to be honest, nothing being used (atleast for drives). Please help, AE is unusable in this state.


      Update: My RAM appears to be maxed out, but this is only when I load in new clips... I have no idea why this is happening, and it does not happen on my other system with lower RAM.


      2nd Update: My RAM gets completely maxed out (farther than what I said AE could use) and my SSD gets maxed out. However this takes a solid 2 minutes to actually happen.