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    Workstation advice for AE and PP - Experience with iMac

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      I need to buy a new Laptop or Desktop computer, because my old Macbook Pro (Late 2012) is way to slow for today's needs in Postproduction.


      I mainly work in the field of Motion Graphics and VFX (Trapcode Suite) in After Effects, regulary editing  and Colour Grading 4K Videos in Premiere and illustrating/drawing in Photoshop and transfering the Illustrations to After Effects.


      Important to me is a good display (15" is enough to me), a fast and stutterfree perfomance without having to pre-render the material in Premiere all the time and fast render times (out of After Effects and Premiere). Considering the time i spend on the individual programs, I'd say I'm a 60 % After Effects, 20% Premiere and 20%Illustrator/Photoshop user. I recently worked with an MSI GT73VR TITAN SLI, but i did not like the display and especially in terms of colour at all.



      I figuered out, that i need specs like:




      Intel i7, Quad Core, at least 3,4 GHz


      32GB RAM


      Nvidia Graphic Card with at least 4GB



      While Mobility would be great, I'd not vote against choosing a Desktop system. I can still take my old Macbook Pro to a client when it comes to presentation or do some basic work when traveling.


      Also, I'm not necessary stuck to Mac, although i prefer the OS over Windows and want to use my CS6 version (Mac only) as long as possible.


      Do you have any recommendation for an actual system, whether it be a Laptop with a good display to judge Colours or a Desktop system with an additional Monitor?

      Costs maybe up to ca. 2800€ / 3400$.


      I'd also love to hear from your experience with the iMac, as i love the display. Does the iMac (for example this one:


      • 3,6 GHz Quad‑Core Intel Core i7
      • 32 GB 2400 MHz DDR4
      • 1 TB Fusion Drive
      • Radeon Pro 560, 4 GB Videospeicher


      work well with 4K Video Editing in Premiere and heavy workload in After Effects? I know the Radeon Pro 560 is not as advanced as e.g. an Nvidia GTX1080, but do you notice significant stuttering or slow performance?


      Thanks a lot! I am kind of lost in (too much!) information and aspects to consider for a new system right now, hope you can help me out a bit!