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    Printed documentation

      Hi ,
      I want to take a print out of my project . But the sad part is i have images embedded in popups/hyperlinks . Is there any way i could c the images in my printed documentation .
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          Author care Level 2
          One way of dealing with this is copy each graphic that's in a popup into the text of the document then apply a condition to it, for example "printed only". That way you only show them when printing.

          Another way is to convert all such links to DHTML drop downs or expanding text. These will show when printing anyway.

          Hope that's some help...
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            RoboColum(n) Level 5
            What tyoe of popups are you referring to? Is it you have images in separate topics to which you link to via a popup hyperlink? If so, they will only be included in the printed document if you specify them in the TOC step of the SSL wizzard. Even then, they won't appear at the point of the hyperlink. What you could do is create a book at the bottom of your TOC called "Popups", add all your popup topics to it and then generate the word doc. If you wanted, you could manually move the relevant popup to the required point in the document.
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              rr336 Level 1
              I have more that 500 links which i have set up as pop up hyperlinks refering to another image in project manager. Manually shifting them doesn't sound as an easy task.
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                RoboColum(n) Level 5
                I am afraid that the options stated here are the only way to go. Printed documentation does not work well with popup and why should it?