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    Export from LR Classic CC to disk ok, but same-time adding to catalogue is way to slow


      Since last update or one before (the one that should increase LR speed especially in export) the export is fast enough (cannot say if it is faster than before), but the pictures that are added to the catalogue at the same time take much, much more time than before. A 50 pictures export to 950px images size at the long side lasts about 20-25 sec. And it lasts 3 minutes to see them (previews) all in LR.

      I changed nothing of the hardware, I always run several programs (email...); no software-updates except automatic OS-X updates.

      The graphic processing unit was disabled for a test, but didn't show any difference.

      What can I test or do more?

      Screenshot of System overview:

      Thank's for your ideas!