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    Published HTML5 file is different from the unpublished file

    ThievingKlingon Level 1

      Hi guys,

      I have an existing file and I need to add a new end frame jpg to it, so this is what I did:


      1) imported the new end frame jpg file, so it's now a new layer on the timeline

      2) i set the opacity to 0% from the start of the timeline and transitioning into 100% opacity right at the last few frames.


      // All looks good when playing back on the timeline.


      // Checked the unpublished HTML file and it's super-duper, too.


      3) So I published it.


      But the published file is completely different - it shows this new layer right from the beginning till the end, blocking out all the earlier animations at the bottom layers (only intermittently disappearing for like a split second)

      Any idea why this happened when it's fine on the timeline and unpublished file?

      What can I do to get this right? Any help is much appreciated!!

      Thank you!


      Ver: Edge 2015.0 Release