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    Looking for Flex Graphical Toolkits

      Our company is looking for a graphical toolkit built on Flex that gives basic Node, port, connection creating and editing capabilities. In addition, we need graph printing, copy/paste clipboard support and basic Undo/Redo support. We evaluated yFiles for Flex but found it has way more than we need in terms of graph layout and is extremely pricey. I also found it very difficult to work with (a lot of type casting needed to access basic functionality), the "how to" documentation extremely limited and samples too basic. The Flex version of yFiles is also missing Undo/ReDo and copy/paste support. We'd prefer something open source if we could find it but mostly, we just need something easy to use.

      1. Has anyone else worked with yFiles for Flex and if so, what is your opinion?
      2. Does anyone know of any other graphical toolkits for Flex that we can try or evaluate - preferably something you are using and have had success with? We have seen a lot of pure graph visualization tools but we need actual create/edit/save/reload capabilities - layout visualization is secondary for us.