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    cfdocument pdf creation creates parsing error

    bezly Level 1

      An error has started to pop up on our server every other week or so ever since the most recent Coldfusion service pack (ColdFusion 8 Update 1 (8.0.1)). The only way to fix it has been to restart the server.

      As far as I know, the code is always the same. The only variable is how long the server has been running. The error is below. This error occurs during the creation of a PDF document using the cfdocument tag. Again, after this error has occurred the only way to fix it seems to be by restarting the server. Right after the server restart the same code works fine.

      An error: ERROR encountered loading https://www.domain.com/secure/admin/index.cfm: java.io.IOException: Parsing problem occured during the rendering process of this document.

      I'm guessing this is some sort of new bug introduced during the service pack, but I welcome any suggestions for fixing things.