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    How to send LR image as an attachment in email?

    BH888@aol.com Level 1

      In LR Classic, I have gone thru the procedure of selecting the image; then File>Email Photo>  ...The email form appears with a thumbnail of the selected image positioned in the field reserved for "Attached Image"; the implication is that the selected image will be sent as an attachment.  When I send the email to myself, however, the selected image arrives embedded in the email, - not as an attachment.


      How can I send the selected LR image as an attachment?


      Ideally, I would like to attach the image to an email like I would attach any document to an email; i.e., click on "attach" within the email and then upload the target document/image by opening it.  Can not open a single image to make the attachment, however.  At least, that's the way a computer-challenged person, like myself, has tried to do it.  


      I would be grateful for any help with this.