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    Resizing the stage

      Hello all.

      I animated this little talking head, but now come the end of it, I'd prefer to have more background space behind him, ie; a larger stage. But when I increase the stage size, it increases it all in the bottom-right corner, making my talking head far from center. I wouldn't mind this if I could center him, but since there are tweens and lip-syncing and all sort of stuff, I can't move everything in one foul swoop. I'll select all my layers and whatnot, move them, but then as soon as I get to any new keyframe in the timeline, any associated symbol will go back to their original position. Needless to say, re-positioning every single keyframe would be just as tedious as creating them in the first place.

      I doubt that's the only option, seeing as how Adobe MUST've forseen this. So. Is there a way to really truly select everything in timeline and move it all at once? Or is there a way to tell the stage where to increase its size, similar to adjusting the "canvas size" in Photoshop?

      Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.
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          clbeech Level 3
          there are two solutions to your problem here.

          1) you can place all of the animation within a new MovieClip symbol. select all layers and frames by right-click and 'select all frames' - then right-click and 'copy frames'. now create a new symbol and right-click the first frame and 'paste frames' - now return to the main timeline and delete all the layers, create a new layer and drag the new movieclip symbol from the Library - you will now be able to position the MC wherever you would like.

          2) you can use the 'edit multiple frames' function to move everything at once. with the playhead in frame one, turn on onion skinning (the button on the left on the bar just below the timeline that looks like one 'full' box) with onion skinning turned on, drag the 'viewing marker' on the right ('attached to' the playhead marker) to the last frame of the timeline - then turn on the 'edit multiple frames' button (the button on the right on the bar just below the timeline that looks like two 'full' boxes) now click-drag from the first layer-last frame - to the last layer-first frame to select all of the timeline with the playhead ending up in the first frame. now you will be able to position everything that is selected all at once. however you will need to repeat this procedure for any move and you will also 'see' everything at the same time, which can make positioning difficult - but also handy.
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            TombiniJones Level 1
            Thanks a bunch. That's exactly what I wanted to know.