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    Photoshop & Lightroom not opening


          Hello, I use a 2017 MacBook Pro 13" non-touchbar. I have photoshop and Lightroom on my desktop. sometimes when I restart or turn off my Mac then turn it back on later, and I click on photoshop or Lightroom I get an error message from finder saying "This application cannot be opened because original file is not found on this computer". basically, I turn on my computer, photoshop and Lightroom are still mounted to my desktop, but do not open because the original files are found on my computer. when I open the applications panel in finder, photoshop and Lightroom still have their individual folders that contain their script and application its self, but still don't open because the original problem cannot be found.

           I have tried restarting my Mac, which always fixes the problem for at least one of the applications. I have also tried deleting the files all together and re-downloading them, but that doesn't always work and is very annoying to do.

           I am looking for a solution to fix this slight problem all together. thank you a ton!

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          gener7 Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I want to be sure I understand this. Are you talking about Photoshop CC 2018.app being on the desktop or a desktop shortcut to Photoshop CC 2018.app inside the /Applications/Adobe Photoshop CC 2018 folder? The .app belongs in the folder, not on the desktop.


          My strategy is to launch Photoshop from the app folder and when I see the icon in the dock, ctrl + click on it and choose "keep in dock" so the shortcut stays there.


          As an extra, run First Aid from Disk Utility to be sure nothing is wrong with your boot drive.



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            Francesco Della Peruta Adobe Community Professional

            I think the problem are corrupted shortcuts. Please try to rebuild the shortcuts.

            If there is a problem with the shortcut I've found this hint on a forum:

            "I was able go get a phone help desk session with Apple. They connected to my screen to see what was happening. They discovered the items in question were simply shortcuts that were not working. The actual folders in question were working just fine. They did have a bit of a struggle to get the shortcuts removed however. What finally worked was to hold Command while dragging the icon to the desktop. They simply disappeared when doing that. Problem solved."

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              Francesco Della Peruta Adobe Community Professional

              Otherwise if the issue was not related to the shortcuts you can try to solve the problem (files related issues) with this tool:

              Use the Creative Cloud Cleaner Tool to solve installation problems