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    Adjustment brush is not working in Camera Raw 10.2

    Nicola TZ

      I have this terrible problem 4 days now: Adjustment brush is not working in Camera Raw 10.2


      I have this problem since the last actualization.


      I downloaded the zip file for Camera Raw as told in the forums, update Camera Raw with that file (otherwise It was already updated sin the last update), contact the local customer support, contact the remote asistance support, received an email, did what the email said and still not working.


      Is the second time I have to contact Adobe support for main problems since I use an Asus Zenbook. I don't know what it is.


      I use the suscription Adobe Photoshop service and Windos OS and I have more problems than people that use Mac OS with a non suscription service.


      Please, HELP. I work with this. Each day I delay in my work I'm loosing precious time. If I don't work, I can't pay, and if I can't pay and the pay suscription doesn't work, well,, unfortunately Adobe is pushing me to the illegal. Please. Help.