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    Custom Workspace "resets" when monitors change

    mrbobdobolina Level 1

      So this is maybe a bit nuanced.... but: My current setup is a 27" 5k iMac, with an older 27" iMac (2011) as a second display, using Target Display Mode. (Actually works as a really slick setup for my purposes.)


      When I have Premiere open, (CC 2018, version 12.0.1) I typically have my bins open as a collection of windows on my second screen with the timeline, program, and source windows on my main screen. I've created a custom workspace for this.


      But I don't always have my second display connected. Sometimes I'm using the other computer for something else, sometimes I haven't invoked Target Display Mode, sometimes I just need to switch the computer over for a few minutes to check on something.


      When Premiere is open and my second monitor is "missing" my custom workspace gets reset and all my bins are on my main screen, hovering overtop my other windows. Even when I connect my second monitor, nothing changes. Later, when I choose my custom workspace, it seems to revert to when I only had one monitor connected.


      Is there a good way to keep workspaces static when the number of monitors you have connected is fluid or changing?


      Thanks in advance.


      - Your Friendly Neighborhood Philip