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    Migration Failed - Not allowing me to Migrate Again

    JCrossonNYC Level 1

      Migrated my Lightroom Classic Catalog. The migration assistant said that it was Successful, but all photos are missing from Lightroom CC. I am assuming it has something to do with the "Develop setting not migrated." There are no photos in Lightroom CC after migration except the ones that were already synced to Lightroom Mobile from Lightroom Classic (and those are just the previews, not the full RAW). Additionally, it won't let me migrate the catalog again.


      I referred to the Help documentation; all files are available in Lightroom Classic CC (except for the 100 referenced below, out of 50,000) so this is not an issue with an external drive being disconnected or anything to that end. Lightrooom Classic CC functions normally for me so I'm not sure what could be wrong with the Catalog.


      The software is useless without this working. Any help would be greatly appreciated.









        Source Catalog  : D:\Pictures\Lightroom\Lightroom Catalog-2.lrcat

        Assets from Catalog  : 50213

        Assets Migrated to Lightroom CC  : 0


        Number of Collections Migrated : Migrate-able( 0 ) After Migration( 2 )


        Number of Stacks Migrated  : 0 of 98

        Number of Stack Assets Migrated  : 0 of 394

        Number of Virtual Copies Migrated  : 0 of 34

        Number of Assets with Metadata Migrated  : 50110 of 50213

        Number of User Keyword Migrated  : 850 of 935

        Number of Person Keyword Migrated  : 10






        Warning Messages


        * facesProcessingMissingAssetError

        * Unable to locate source files

        * Some images had metadata conflicts but were successfully migrated

        * Some synced collections will have moved after migration

        * Develop settings were missing for some photos

        * Stacks could not be placed in an album



        100 Assets were not migrated to Lightroom CC as the following source files were missing





        3 Assets' metadata were not migrated as the following source files had meta data conflict





      Develop setting not migrated for 50132 Asset(s)