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    People I know (friends, relatives, ...) that bought my photos on Adobe Stock using the "free risk" 10 or 40 images for free month.


      Hi all,

      on 28th February and 1st March people that I know decided to subscribe to a "free risk" Adobe Stock plan (10 or 40 images for free in a month) and bought my photos.


      Now ... an horrible doubt ... is this gain lawful?


      Basing our reply on the Adobe, Adobe Stock and Adobe Stock Contributor Terms of use ... if those people would like to have valid license for my photos:

      - should I / you consider this gain unlawful? If Yes, why? Could you please refer to a valid and active Term of use that apply to this case when answering, also providing link?


      If Adobe consider this gain "unlawful", please I ask you (Adobe staff) to remove all the gains for the images I sold referring to that period.


      Please note that I actually haven't request any payment for that gain.


      Thank You