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    DVD Video Control

    Jim99 Level 1
      I remember trying to control a DVD-video disk in MX 2004 (using something in the Goodies folder). I didn't have much luck as the video play back was stuttering. Does anyone know if v.11 is any better as controlling a DVD-video disk?
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          In April Allen Partridge published a list saying: "The following legacy issues were all FIXED in Director 11...

          FIXED ** 25. Crash is happening while tried to change location of DVD asset to some invalid location. ** FIXED".

          I guess this fix addresses just one of the problems of DVD Event Manager from the Goodies folder.

          To say the truth, I have not enough tested DVD-Video with Director 11, and thus cannot directly answer your question. Certain features of my project other then DVD keep away from 11.

          I do not use and do not like the DVD Event Manager, as it is restrictive and buggy (at least it was buggy with MX 2004). Currently, it is much more effective to learn to control DVD-video directly with lingo, tracking DVD events with DVDeventNotification handler and using the relevant metods and properties. A good way to learn the tricks, I think, is to read about similar events, methods and properties in the documentation to OnStageDVD Professional Xtra, from the Visible Light. A complimentary way would be to print out the code of DVD Event Manager of Director.

          The OnStageDVD Professional Xtra, in my experience, is more reliable than DVD cast member of Director. However,the Xtra is for Windows XP, NT and 2000 only (though Vista was mentioned in their plans). And it is not for Director 11.