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    Want to Switch from CorelDRAW to Photoshop


      Hi all,


      My name is Elijah, I'm new on Photoshop... Actually, I'm a CorelDRAW user and just of recently I got a new job in church ministry and they deal with pictures a lot.. so in those pictures, i redesign them and add quote to them... recently, i noticed that my designs are not that creative  compared with some on the social media.... so i decided to go online (facebook, twitter, instagram etc) to search for samples and i saw this design...


      so i've been trying to create the same with CorelDRAW but i get nothing close....



      How can I get to know how to use photohop like guru

      Where can i get tutorials that specifically teaches about photo or picture enhancement

      Or did i need one on one coaching to get know Photoshop.





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