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    photoshop crashes on >print

    getho Level 2

      Particular file crashes it every time.  I've seen a long thread (Photoshop: CS6 crashes when print is selected | Photoshop Family Customer Community )


      with no resolution.  If I copy the contents of the file into a new doc that will print, but this is not a solution for all of the files that I've previously printed with my setup.  If they all crash, urgh what a nightmare.  Is there any other workaround?  I've tried the pressing spacebar thing, tried resetting the prefs. I dont want to uninstall the printer driver because its an old printer and nightmare to get working.


      ANy suggestions welcome

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          Sebastian Bleak Adobe Community Professional

          Hi Getho


          Anytime my Adobe apps start acting funny, I go through this process and it fixes it most of the time.

          Uninstall photoshop BUT make sure to choose the option “Yes, remove app preference”. (image attached)

          Ps Uninstall.png


          Once that process finishes, start the installation process and look into the “Advanced Options”. Uncheck “Import previous settings and preferences” and choose to “Remove old versions”. (image attached)

          Ps Install.png


          Hope you find this helpful!


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