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    Lightroom 5.7.1 not showing all the files in folder when importing


      Yesterday I downloaded Lightroom 5.7.1 (my PC is 32 bit so won't run any higher, despite me buying into the CC photography plan).  This morning I tried to import my images from the hard drive into Lightroom, having read the Scott Kelby Lightroom CC book section, and thinking I knew what I was doing...  However, I clicked 'don't import suspected duplicates', which I now regret: I have quite a lot images with the same file name (e.g. IMG_220.jpg)  saved in different folders (these shots were taken on different cameras over the years) and LR did as it was told and did not import duplicates.  However, now when I try to import these 'missing'  files with the 'don't import duplicates' button unchecked, they are not even showing in the grid when I click import and navigate to the folder I am trying to import them from. I can see them in Windows file explorer and Bridge just fine. It doesn't make any difference if I click 'all files' as opposed to 'new files' at the top of the grid in the import window.  I have tried searching 'all images' in my catalogue, and these images are not stored anywhere in LR.  I have even tried uninstalling LR (using the button in the Creative Cloud Desktop app) in the hope I could start again- but when I reinstalled, the catalogue and problem reappeared!  Is there a way to uninstall LR and get rid of the catalogue so I can literally start again from scratch, or better still, some way of getting these images into my LR catalogue?,