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    development process is a pain

    orgCrisium Level 1

      why does the development process have to be such a pain.


      the gui which should be user friendly is all but that. It is so slow when refreshing and forcing autoreload as you program and save your changes. doesn't even matter if it is a file that it is using or not.


      the command line option is faster but then the cache is never cleared so you never know what you are working with. I'm using 80% of my development time on stuff I shouldn't be wasting my time on.


      Is there any other products that allow html/js development for devices? if so please tell me



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          orgCrisium Level 1

          I find it amazing that people can work with this?


          30-40 seconds refresh when reloading (using the gui)


          turning auto reload off is useless since it won't update anything.


          the auto reload is a mess, saving anything in the directory will force a reload. I want it to reload when I tell it to reload. the only way i can do this is using the CLI and turning it off and on.. which takes 30-50 seconds each time. This mean for each little thing I change I have to wait 30-50 seconds to test it.... really?!?!


          Something is wrong.