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    Smart Object and Filter Workflow Question

    iwaddo77 Level 1



      I have been using Topaz or Nik Collections as smart filters in Photoshop and I have a question about non-destructive editing and whether or not there is a better workflow to the one described below


      1. Open image, usually from LR
      2. Add layers to adjust my image non-destructively
      3. Create a composite layer above all my adjustments
      4. Change my new layer into a Smart Object and use on or more smart filters from either Topaz or NIK


      So far this is all working and I am happy with it. The question now comes when I decide to go back and amend from of my adjustments. I do the following


      1. Make the required adjustments
      2. Create a new composite layer which includes my later adjustments
      3. Convert the new composite layer into a smart object
      4. Copy the original smart filters from #4 above
      5. Delete the original smart object


      This works but gets a little tedious if I decide to visit my adjustments often and it gets really tedious if I make further adjustments using layers above my smart object as I end up with multiple composite layers and multiple smart objects.


      Hopefully I have described my workflow adequately for you to be able to advise.


      Thank you for your help.


      Regards, Ian