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    How to stop Photoshop from launching itself when I don't want it

    leeplugin Level 1

      When working in Bridge I click on the frame area outside of the actual image in order to highlight that image. Something has happened in either Bridge or Photoshop because after installing the latest Photoshop update that procedure automatically launches Photoshop and the image opens in either Photoshop or Camera Raw hosted by Bridge or the Camera Raw filter hosted by Photoshop.


      Adobe technical support took control of the computer. The Adobe technician uninstalled the updated Photoshop and installed Photoshop 19.0. The Adobe Technician said that the updated version of Photoshop has a bug in and to wait until 15 days for a new version to appear which will fix this issue.


      In the meantime the issue persists. I have launched Bridge by a method to wipe the preferences clean (Adobe forum advice). That didn't resolve it. I have uninstalled Bridge and reinstalled it. That hasn't resolved it.


      If anybody has any idea on how to control Photoshop and stop it from opening whenever it feels like it, that would be greatly appreciated.