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    error occasional - faultCode: Channel.Call.Failed

      Please help me

      In my application occur this error randomly

      faultCode: Channel.Call.Failed
      faultDetail: 'NetConnection.Call.Failed: HTTP: Failed'
      faultString: 'error'



      I see this post and i Add a Blank Application.cfm, in folder cfc , But not resolved

      http://www.coldfusiondeveloper.com.au/go/news/by/jeff-douglas/20080523-flex-3-remoting-err or-channelcallfailed/


      Exist any solution to resolve this error of “faultCode: Channel.Call.Failed” ?

      And in COldfusion exist any Log to see error for this ?

      I already tried that occurs when the error access the Gateway of Flex


      But when the screen is blank, in the case in operation correct?