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    can I make those big head cut outs with PS cc

    thomash93813917 Level 1

      I have taken a photo and tried to make one of those big head cut outs but the resolution changed and mad the print out blurry and I had a hard time trying to figure out how big to make it. I don't want it much bigger than my own head so I can still use my personal printer. I am a novice with the photoshop CC to say the least so frustration sets in quickly with all the bells and whistles. Any help or tutorial would be helpful.


      Thank you

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          davescm Adobe Community Professional

          I am not sure from your description but it sounds like you want to enlarge a face to just above life size and print it out?


          To do that simply:



          1. Start with an image with enough pixels in the wanted area - a thumbnail from the web will never enlarge to 11-12 inches without looking blurred and pixelated.


          2. In the layers panel click on the lock symbol so that background changes to Layer 0


          3. Use the selection tools, such as quick select, to select the face.


          4. Add a layer mask - using Layer > Layer Mask >Reveal Selection


          5.  Select the crop tool and type in the required size (example below)

          5a. Adjust the crop handles by dragging to remove any excess space


          6. File > Print