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    New PC


      I purchased Lightroom disc in the past, just bought a new PC laptop that does not have a CDROM. How can I use the lightroom I purchased on my new PC?

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          JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          What version of Lightroom do you have? What operating system DID you have? What operating system do you have now? Do you have your serial number? Is this version of Lightroom you are using an upgrade from a previous version? How big is the catalog on your old computer? How big (in gigabytes) is your library of images on your old computer? How big is the hard drive on your new computer?

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            Careeeesa Adobe Employee

            Hi aggies57064758 ,


            Were you able to download the software using the Creative Cloud App? Here is a link that will guide you through the process: Install previous version of your Creative Cloud app


            Please let me know if this helps! 



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              kentdesign Adobe Community Professional

              JimHess asked the correct questions! One option, If your CD is from an old version of Lightroom, and you cannot get the download from the creative cloud, you can get or better yet, borrow a USB CD DVD drive from someone or connect to their computer with a drive in it, and then use that drive to copy all the files on the disk to your computer. Once on your computer you can copy  the files onto a large flash drive.... Sounds round about but it does work.

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