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    Photos in external discs not available


      My problem is that I cannot take in use my photos in Lightroom, the photos which I moved from computer to 2 external hard discs, both with the same content including Lightroom folders. I moved the photos and LR folders by copying them directly from C-disc to these 2 external discs.

      Situation now:

      • Catalog in LR shows the number of all 83 000 photos in ”All photographs”, that’s the right figure
      • Through ”Resource Management” all these photos can be seen in own year, month and day catalogs on external discs
      • But through LR only 10 000 of them can be found in their own catalogs in the external discs, and most of the adjustments have disappeared
      • In addition, in LR ”Catalog” there is a subfolder ”? Missing photographs” where 22 000 more photos can be seen but not taken in use (if trying ”The folder cannot be found”)

      Through years I’ve had LR 3, LR 5, LR CC and now LR Classic CC. The latest has recently been taken in use in a new laptop with Windows 10, but the problem appeared before.

      What should I do???