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    CursorX Help

      Okay so I made a magazine .swf with zoom feature and used cursorX to implement it.

      the code is basically:
      cursorX = Stage.width-_xmouse;
      cursorY = Stage.height-_ymouse;

      pic._x = (cursorX-1000);
      pic._y = (cursorY-650);

      (pic = instance name)

      it works fine my only question is how can i make it so the only way the image moves is if you press and hold the left mouse button down and move the mouse. I've tried a couple of things but without any success...

      the magazine is here - Fash Weekly
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          crazyjoemilan Level 2
          turn that code into a function, then call a "setInterval" of that funciton onPress of "pic." onRelease of Pic (and onReleaseOutside) call "clearInterval" of the previously mentioned setInterval. Try it out and post back :)