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    Need to design a wrap for a hardhat - how to wrap an image around a half cylinder

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      Hello all!



      I am doing design using an older Mac with Adobe CS6.

      I have a project on my desk that requires setting up a design for a wrap for a miner's type helmet/hard had.

      The manufacturer has no templates....   The design is specific enough that I need to get things pretty accurate, as opposed to just not distorted, if that makes sense.

      Imagine a hard-had.  It had a plastic wrap around it for graphics.

      I need to get stalactites and stalagmites coming from the top and bottom of the helmet, leaving approximately 2"x5" in the relative center of the left and right sides of the helmet "open" with a solid color, so custom stickers can fit there.

      I think if I can set up a half-sphere, and wrap the art around that, the tiny bill of the hat will fall in to place.

      However, this isn't a proof design, where the art just needs to wrap around a model....

      I need to wrap it, see how it looks, then flatten it out.  Plus, provide the wrapped version as a sort of proof to the manufacturer.

      I am pretty lost.  I can wrap a texture around a sphere - not even close to what I need to do...

      See attached for a terrible 5 second idea of what a flat side view of the helmet would/should look like.

      It'll be full color etc.

      I'd like to do it in vector format as well, but that's not necessary - it's just easier for me to design my cave art that way!

      Thanks all!




      PS - the "wrap" image is terrible, of course.  It'll be full color, and the bill of the hat from the top will have cave rocks on it etc etc - that bit is relatively easy.

      Wrapping the cave stuff up, and around, the sides/top of the helmet, without the crazy distortion I would get just providing "flat" art to the factory is what I am trying to suss out.  Thanks again!1.png