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    Recording X-Position in different takes..



          Let me preface that I am very new to Adobe Character Animator. I have watched the tutorial videos, but for some reason cannot seem to figure out the issue I am having. I am sure it is a simple one, so I am hoping you guys can help me.

          I am attempting to have a puppet walk in from out of view (left to right) and stop mid screen. Another puppet (object really) then comes in from the same position (off screen left) and stops to the left of the first puppet. I recorded this segment without issue, by simply walking with puppet 1, and adjusting x-position on puppet 2, to have it slide in.

          The issue I am having now is in trying to pick up where I left off. When I position the slider head to the end of the recorded segment, and arm either puppet, they return to their original position off screen left, rather than remaining where they were at the end of the recorded segment. I am hoping to be able to pick up recording at their end position from recorded segment 1, and have puppet 2, slide back out of frame left, and puppet 1 walk to a different spot. How do I make it so that I can pick up with the scene from the position the puppets ended up in at the end of my first recorded segment?

          I am sure there is some sort of setting for this that I am overlooking, and I thank you for your patience and responsiveness!

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          alank99101739 Level 4

          You are not alone on this one. When you “arm” a setting, it does not show the last recorded value - it shows the deault position. This makes recording more at the end of an existing take harder. So it is not just you - it is the way it is designed. (Sometimes good, sometimes bad.)


          One advanced approach that came up on the March 2018 tips and tricks video was you can have multiple behaviors on a puppet, and if you do that, when you arm one behavior you still see the last recorded value of the other behavior. Its a little tricky to use in practice.


          The other way is to leverage both “Position X/Y” and “Absolute X/Y” - one kicks in before scaling, the other after scaling, but if I have a recording that changes Position X and I just need to do a bit of a tweak, sometimes I record the other setting because it’s easier.


          But I think a few people would like what you are asking about - to be able to see the last recorded value so you can add to the recording without losing the current positioning. It’s just not trivial to do because of the current semantics of arming properties. (And who knows what would break if they changed that now.)

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            RockyXGaming Level 1

            Thank you! I assumed I was doing something wrong! It would be an amazing feature to add for sure, to be able to pick up right where you left off, but I have zero clue how to design and build software, and would it would take to make that happen, lol. I'll check out that video again too, I may have missed something. Thanks again for the help!