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    Photo missing message in Develop module, but Library Find says none are missingW


      I am very confused about this. When working on photos in Develop, I see many of them say "Photo is missing" with the exclamation point in a box. In Library-Quick Develop, it says Metadata Status = Has been changed.


      However, for the same photos in Gridview, I do not see any symbols in the upper right indicating anything is missing.


      When I tried Library-Find All Missing Photos, I got a popup message back saying "All photos in this catalog are available".


      Does anyone know why Develop would say a photo is missing, but no such message in Gridview and the search function says they all exist?


      Also, does anyone know what might cause the metadata status to say Has been changed? I thought that may be due to confusion where the photo is.


      Any help is much appreciated.