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    Photoshop Scripting - Discussion

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      Hey Everyone,


      A before statement: I'm a relatively new coder, especially to JavaScript as I've mostly only done Phython before now.


      I've been making myself a script for Photoshop as I'm looking to make much more complicated 'actions' as actions are very limited with what you can do. The fist script I'm making is very complicated and I've enjoyed coding it a lot. However, have you noticed that the ScriptUI documentation and the general coding of UI/GUI elements to be rather...messy?


      Again, I don't have very much experience coding these sorts of things as I've mostly come from a mathematical background for coding. I just seem to be finding it difficult to comprehend all of the different ways to code the same thing and each one is not fully explained in depth with a clear and concise methodology with the various parameters it expects and in what order. It seems to go off on tangents constantly with different ways to doing the same thing instead of fully explaining what it was originally talking about. For example it goes on to say you can do 'undefined' so that you can let the script automatically make the layout for you. Then it doesn't explain what the heck you're meant to or can put in place of that 'undefined' and what parameters you need to put in. Instead you have to then go to a completely different section of the documentation to figure out what it was talking about. There should at least be a link to where you can see all the options. But I'd prefer to know then and there that x: you can do undefined or y: this is your other options. I personally don't want a concise 'guide' on how to make one useless example, but instead I want a 'Documentation' on all the possible things that goes into that slot at the time of you showing me it in the first place. Or at least show me where to find it.


      Maybe I'm just over-exaggerating and I just need much more practice with coding and I have no clue what I'm talking about. But trying to learn everything at the same time without fully learning each bit of the documentation is rather difficult. I just seem to be jumping around the documentation a lot to try find parts that should be clearly linked to each other.


      Did anyone else have problems with scripting or is it just a steep learning curve that I've got to climb? Also, do you feel like they need to make a better documentation and method to writing UI elements for their scripts. I could see so much potential of making things with these scripts as I use Photoshop for 99% of my business and being able to make more complex things with it opens up so much to me.


      Join in the discussion and if you have experience it would be great to hear from you.