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    Foreign Language Fonts


      At the office:

      Copying foreign language movie titles (Russian, Spanish, Slovenian) from google spreadsheet or PSD file name and pasting into PSD file as text, then sprucing up with FX options. At a certain point had crashing issues and they reset the system, no longer pasted into text with all the little ascenders and foreign font details like the two dots or little 'v' over some vowels. Then they upgraded my system to a new model and it worked right out of the box.

      Now I'm working from home on my laptop:

      After copying from various sources it will not paste into my PSD text layers as with the weird office issue i had previously. Have been manually crafting the details and inserting them but it's a real pain, can only find references to the glyphs panel

      > At the office I could copy and paste over a dozen languages into PSD text layers without having to do anything special, they all came over with their unique details. Needing to have the same experience of ease on my laptop from home. All help will be so appreciated!

      Thanks in advance!