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    Flash/AIR Publishing Problem

      This is driving me crazy. I'm trying to compile a Flash/AS3 app into an AIR app. I've followed all the directions I can find about how to do this. When I click Publish, I see a progress bar, followed by a dialogue box telling me that the AIR app was created, but when I try to find the app, it's nowhere to be found, even using Spotlight. I'm having the same problem whether I try to compile my own app or the Text Editor sample app I downloaded from Adobe's site (which I was able to install with no problem, so I know I have the AIR runtime successfully installed). Any ideas?

      Thanks for any help!!
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          try to pack from command line.. i had problems when publishing in flash cs3, but in cmd it is much more clear..

          If you don't know how to use cmd for that, just type "adt" in cmd and enter.. You will see* parameters.. At first it seems like a bit confusing but after some tries and understanding the errors that thrown you will figure out..

          To run cmd, Start >> Run >> type "cmd" >> <ENTER>

          * if you dont see anything, check the classpath of your computer..
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            J05HU4 Level 1
            Just wanted to report back that I re-installed Flash, its updates and AIR, and that fixed the problem. Thanks, ch4tLock for your response. I'm a real n00b to programming, and still a bit squeamish about command line stuff, but I am curious to try the method you suggested. I'm on OS X though -- do you know what the equivalent process would be?
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              ch4tLock Level 1
              i didnt try os x.. but after a small search i found this url:


              it explains for both os x and windows..

              i think you dont need anymore :) but try to learn shell programming also because you can use every feature of compiler and you can learn all tricks while compiling.. it seems confusing at first but after you figure out, you will be master :) lol