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    Sharing edited Motion Graphics Templates from Adobe Stock with collaborators

    margaret ashleyl20314471

      I have learned how to go into Adobe Stock Motion Graphics Templates (let's call that Graphic A), download and manipulate them on my timeline.  After I change what the graphic says, the colors, etc., let's call that Graphic B (edited template).  How do I then share that Graphic B with a collaborator so we are using the same graphics template to edit several different video projects?  We want to have the same template using the same colors, etc.? 


      Basically, we are both editing and we want to have a lower third sitting there on our timeline with the same sizing and coloring, but with the parameters still accessible so we can each type in the names for that lower third graphic, for instance.


      I seem to only be able to export a motion graphics template (.mogrt) if I created it from scratch myself, but that takes too long.  The reason I used a free template from Adobe Stock is because it's already done.  I cannot export a motion graphic template with its new parameters because it was created in After Effects, so the option is greyed out.


      My work around for this, so far, has been to download the motion graphics template, make the color and sizing alterations, save the project, copy the project onto my collaborator's computer and they open it after installing the original graphic.  This works to some extent, but in the future, I need to be able to hand off a template to someone running a switcher for live coverage so they can type in names on the fly.


      Is my only option to share motion graphics templates for a live switcher to create the graphic from scratch in Adobe After Effects?