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    Lightroom does not open / library missing photos

    williams77012909 Level 1



      I am having a problem opening Lightroom and loading my photo library. When I open the application, the library does not load and instead a blue circle loops continuously (screenshot below).



      I believe that the error is related to the following discussion: Re: SQLite Database Corrupt  ; however, the suggested solution (deleting the "Managed Catalog" files and redownloading the images from the cloud) does not resolve my issues because I have been working offline in an area with unreliable internet for an extended period of time and I cannot redownload thousands of unsynced images, edits, and collections. These images


      I do not know if the computer lost power during a sync (as some have reported for this/similar errors), but it is possible. As soon as I experienced this problem, I backed up the local version of the "Lightroom Library.lrlibrary" file.


      I subsequently attempted to delete the files suggested in the discussion referenced above and was successful in loading an empty library (which is obviously not helpful as I can't redownload images that have never synced to the cloud). I then played around with deleting one or two of the individual "Managed Catalog" files and successfully loaded partially-complete libraries (ranging from ~1/5 to ~4/5 complete); however, all were missing certain images or collections (some of which I can still see on my iPhone/iPad from the cloud library).


      I would greatly appreciate any suggestions for how I can recover ~1.5 months of field work!


      Thank you,


      William Smith