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    How to interpret t_time_info and post_t_time_info from raw data?


      Hi Everyone!


      I am trying to derive some useful information from analytics clickstream raw data and noticed there are two fields t_time_info and post_t_time_info.


      From Analytics Help and Reference, these two fields are "Raw time information from JavaScript. Used to determine the visitor's timezone." This information could be definitely help in plotting users' activity across the day. My question is how to interpret these fields properly?


      Here are some examples get from the two and related fields:

      2018-02-16 12:08:1716/1/2018 9:8:16 5 48016/1/2018 9:8:16 5 480
      2018-02-16 12:29:2316/1/2018 12:29:23 5 30016/1/2018 12:28:36 5 300


      I try to understand date_time as the server time, the t_time_info (post_t_time_info) as the client time. The gaps between the two are resulted from time zone differences. Any thoughts how I should interpret them properly in SQL when I read these fields?


      Thank you!