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    Time Re-Map Bug

    joshnyt Level 1

      When I use time re-map to loop a precomp I initially get this weird glitch where the last frame of the animation shows all layers in the precomp (only happen in one frame).


      When I fiddle around enough eg. adjust playback start/end point, or show/hide layer, it will eventually go away.


      I'm labelling this a bug because I'm not altering anything in the original precomp or loop...it literally just goes away after a certain amount of time or moving other things around.


      I've done with with several files and the issue and remedy is the same.


      Has anyone experienced this and is this a known bug?

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          When you time remap the last keyframe is placed after the last frame of the footage or the composition. If you have layers that extend past the last frame of the composition then you will not see black, but you will see those layers. This is normal.


          I use time remapping all of the time and I have never run into any issues that were not caused by user error. If you want to make a loop you need to the last keyframe (k key), then move back one frame (Ctrl/Cmnd + left arrow), set a new keyframe, then delete the last keyframe. If the first and last frames are identical then a simple loopOut() expression will create a perfect loop. If the first and last frame of the sequence is not identical then you need 3 keyframes to create a looping pattern. The third keyframe is placed right after the last frame in the sequence an is a copy of the first keyframe.


          The only time I have ever seen anything resembling what you are describing is when folks do not follow the workflow that I have explained.

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            Kevin-Monahan Adobe Employee

            Hi JoshNYT,

            Still having this issue? Or is it fixed? Let us know.



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              joshnyt Level 1

              Hi Kevin,


              I'm still experiencing the issue sporadically.


              The issue is not a misunderstanding of how to loop a composition with time-remap as Rick suggests.


              The issue shows up sporadically and goes away without actually changing anything.


              I'm going to re-install the app, as not sure what else to do at this point.

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                RameezKhan Adobe Employee

                Hi joshnyt,


                Did reinstalling the application help? Let us know.