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    Can I edit the glare/reflection out of this photo?


      The following image was taken this past Sunday at my local zoo where it was very sunny albeit cold, and the only viewing areas for the tigers were through tinted glass. I was able to get my lens close to the glass to minimize the glare, but I had forgotten my hood and polarizing lens. This photo is so gorgeous though! I've tried editing it by using adjustments and curves, but everything I do looks... well, terrible. Can anyone help me fix it? DSC_0574.JPG

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          davescm Adobe Community Professional


          The tint can be taken care of in the camera raw filter with the white balance tools.


          The other areas you could try a combination of
          a. A hue and saturation layer combined with a curve on the large areas that still have some detail

          b. Moving the image slightly - setting to darker color - then masking to hide the light stripes at the bottom

          c. Rebuilding those areas which have no detail using the clone stamp tool from other areas of the fur - quick and dirty example below: