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    How to get sand box for adobe analytics.

    gopik26098939 Level 1

      I have access to Adobe analytics with restricted access but i would like to get sandbox to learn more about implementation. How to do this ???

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          pabloc82923542 Level 4

          Ask admin to give you access to a dev report suite with full access.

          If a dev report suite is not available then it needs to be created by Admin. Make sure all events, and variables from live report suite are re created in dev suite.


          good luck

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            christopherh95441136 Level 1

            Hi, we had a similar challenge on our side. For developers we go the same way to provide a Dev Report suite but as we are running a multi tenancy platform we cannot provide full access for the developer. Therefore in case you have somebody that would like to play and test also with all other Analytics functionalities, we decided to get an additional analytics organization deployed. This works out very well for us at the moment.

            We just did not yet figure out the best way to set it back to an initial status from time to time