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    iframe (?) page into accordion

    David Umberto Zappa Level 1

      Hi, maybe it's a bit of a silly question. I'm new to muse but I've been reading and searching to find a solution to something I'm trying to setup:

      In my home page I would like to insert a content which by opening would push down whatever follows so I figured an accordion would to the trick... thing is, I would like to place inside this accordion another page I'm developing in muse. So, making it simple, I have a home page and when clicking on a menu item I would like to have displayed the content of another single_page_layout without reloading the page. Now, I suppose this would work with an iframe widget but all those I have found require a live url which of course I don't have since I'm only creating a site template which I will try to convert into a wordpress theme.. so my home page will have inside of it a specific page.


      Sorry if this sounds twisted.

      Thank you