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    Video layer from file


      The question:

      "New video layer from file" skips some frames, and can't controle it's speed.

      How csn i use a rendered video from photoshop again in a new psd folder?




      What happend:

      I am new to the photosho cs6 timeline, i use it for creating animation (frame by frame)

      At first when i finished drawing and animating, i clicked 'play' , it was super fast, so i changed the frame rate from 30 to 50, and it became much smoother.


      Now i want to render it and open the whole animation as a video layer in a new psd file, so i rendered it as a quicktime mov. And now when i choose "new video layer from file, it's vert fast, skips some frames... even when the new psd file is set to 50 fps

      What to do?

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          davescm Adobe Community Professional

          When you play your rendered quick time movie back in Photoshop - Photoshop is having to convert from the compressed movie format to the preview on the fly. This is often harder than playing back the uncompressed files and is the reason that in video editing programmes like Premiere Pro files are often ingested into less compressed formats prior to editing.


          There are a couple of things you may be able to do:

          1. Play the whole thing through more than once. The first time Photoshop is building the preview , the second time may play faster.

          2. Reduce the playback resolution in the timeline settings



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            zainh45677004 Level 1

            This didnt solve my problem..

            Is there any way to adjust a video layer's speed? or a better format to render a completed timeline?