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    Poor Customer Service

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      As you can see I already have a post in here asking for help for one of my clients. I have to say that yesterday when I had to call adobe I was very dissapointed at the policy of being able to receive customer service. The client has Adobe Contribute 3 and in order for her to get tech support she would have to spend more money ($180/$80) in order for adobe to give her any support. In addition to that her other option was to come in here post up something in the forum and wait for, lord knows how long, before she gets an answer. Im quite familiar with forums and know fist hand that you dont always get an answer right away. Im assuming that Contribute 3 isnt all that old (im not familiar with the program) I think its pretty sad that yet again another company that makes a fortune still asks for more money in order for them to stand behind their product. I could see if money was spent on a 5yr tech support agreement or something and it expired. But to not stand behind your product only because YOU (Adobe) come out with a brand new version and sever your ties with your consumers only because the version they have is now obsolete is very poor practice and a huge disappointment to the consumer. I have used many an adobe product and even though this issue didnt pertain directly to me, I still felt just as upset and awestruck at this as my client did, and to go back to her and tell her "Adobe refuses to help you unless you sepnd more money or wait forever in the forum to get a response." Is pretty bad. I also know first hand because I deal with customer support everyday and I know that when people want customer support they want it NOW, not 5 days from now not a couple hours when I need to spend more money to get support, they want it NOW. Now I know that because Adobe makes millions of dollars every year that they could care less about one or two (in this situation) upset customers but know that I and my client are very upset over this and I find it in very poor taste in this entire deal.
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          What is worse is that it has been almost two weeks since my post asking for help and not even so much as a reply of any help. How is this even considered an option of "customer service". I know I would be very unhappy to wait two weeks for help, even more so that customer service is "What can I do fro you NOW". Its nice to see that Adobe asks for HUNDREDS of dollars for a lot of their software but as soon as its a year old they want more money to even be associated with you as a customer. I know now that a lesson is to be learned here. If you need support from Adobe, don't spend hundreds of dollars on the software and if you dont need support then perhaps save the money and obtain the software in other means such as downloading. To pay a company money over and over again ONLY to have them then stand behind their product is a joke.

          Thanks for opening my eyes to the "real" support process of Adobe. I now can tell all of my clients who use Adobe products "Adobe doesn't want nor will give you support for your product unless you spend more money." Im sure being faithful customers they will love to hear that.
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            Maybe you are right about Adobe Support. This is a user to user forum and not an official Adobe medium.
            Could you please point out only the problem that you are having, so we can see if we can help you?