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    Flash Player Update Problem

      So, I keep running into this odd little issue. I will be browsing around and come to a site with flash components (usually a streaming video site) and I get a message stating "This content requires Adobe Flash Player.
      Click here for the latest Flash version". Well, thing is that I've updated my player (I ran the installer 5 times the other day just out of frustration) and even though the Adobe install site says everything is fine, the sites still complain that the player isn't up to date. Is this some issue with their version detection method or is it indicative of something greater? Either which way, it's annoying as all *@&# and I need to make sure whatever it is, that the users of my flash-enabled sites don't have this same issue.

      Latest Example of a problem page: http://www.5min.com/Video/How-to-hack-a-parking-gate-27081289