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    deviceready event not firing on iphone

    johnd19558435 Level 1


      i have a phonegap/javascript app that's running fine on iphone when i run my app through phonegap developer, and it works fine on android when i build the app and install the apk on the android. but when i build the app and install the ipa on iphone 5 and iphone 8, app execution hangs on this line of code:


      document.addEventListener("deviceready", itsnowready, false);


      if i hit home button and then tap app icon again to return to the app, the app proceeds normally from there and executes fine. i have a button in the app that send control to the phone's camera; i get same behavior there, where the app hangs on iphone and requires hitting home button and then app button again, which resolves the issue. so the issue is that the deviceready event isn't firing on the iphone with the app installed, though it is working fine on android and on iphone via phonegap developer.

      can someone please advise? thanks.

      - john