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    Collage Options Photoshop Elements 2018


      I just purchased and downloaded Elements 2018 because I needed software to create a photo collage for a new website, and the collage maker seemed to be the tool that would make it easy. It seems that the Photo Collage maker defaults to 8 photos-I need 10, and I have found no way to change that number. I've looked through the other tools offered in Elements, and I've found nothing that would allow me to do what I need to do, which should be a relatively simple task.


      Is there any way to change the Photo Collage setting that will allow me to use 10 photos? If not, is there another way within Elements to allow me to do what I need to do?

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          99jon Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          If you click the Advanced button (top-left) it is possible to click the layers button (bottom-right) and that will show the place holder and text layer for each separate image.

          You can add two new layers manually from the menu:

          Layer >> New >> Layer >> OK

          Select layer 1 (highlight) in the layer stack and you can add an image. Then repeat for layer 2.