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    Radio button filtering

    wD814 Level 1

      I have a client that rents out houses and he wants me to add a feature to his site that filters his houses based on attributes like number of rooms and bathrooms. Is there an effective and semi easy way to do this? Is there a plugin or widget that can do this that is already made for Muse?

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          Ussnorway Adobe Community Professional

          if you host with business catalyst then yes you can link in a Ruby Rails, SQL or MuCow (xml) database... I know BC has templates that link to their widgets but I perfer to hand code so can't say how well they work


          p.s, ask the old timers in the Dreamweaver forum about hand coding databases as most Muse users know nothing about code... its not the target user

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            Pavel Homeriki Level 5

            If we do not talk about coding the database, then there are 2 options. But I'm afraid  you do not like they .


            Option 1) Use a widget, something like shopify embedding and check whether it will work with real estate. In this case, your client must have a paid subscription to shopify. Catalog management is carried out on the side of shopify.


            Option 2) Completely redesign the site using CMS, like wordpress, joomla, opencart or something else.

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